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At Softwerx, we help organisations secure their businesses through end-to-end Microsoft security and compliance solutions.

Find out how you can take your security to the next level with our 24x7 Microsoft-based Managed Detection and Response solution, secure365.
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Thanks to Softwerx, we’ve streamlined security, reduced vendor overlap and realised concrete security gains, including a 40%+ increase in our Microsoft Secure Score.


Peter Messervy-Gross, Chief Information Officer, Altum Group

Softwerx is a leading UK
Microsoft Security Practice

Based in Cambridge and with over twenty years’ experience, Softwerx is one of the leading Microsoft Security Specialists in the UK. Our mission is to help Midmarket organisations throughout the UK and Europe better understand and leverage their existing Microsoft investment.

We do this by providing expert professional advice, consultancy and support on Microsoft infrastructure, security and licensing. Softwerx also operates a 24×7 ‘eyes-on’ UK-based SOC and our flagship MDR solution, secure365 is trusted by a number of well-known brands.


Why secure365?
Because it's different by design

secure365 is a comprehensive ‘eyes on’ 24×7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR), designed and built on the future-proof Microsoft Security technology stack.

Too many MDR solutions are aimed at enterprise–sized organisations, requiring enterprise-sized budgets. Typically, these solutions are based upon propriety platforms and are normally hosted supplier-side, meaning control is always, and ultimately, with the vendor.


  • Secure
  • Transparent
  • Full control
  • Non proprietary
  • Affordable
  • Future-proof
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Why you need 24x7
eyes-on security

  • operate-247

    Criminals operate 24x7. You should too.

    75% of ransomware attacks happen outside of office hours. #SecurityNeverSleeps

  • stop-attacks

    Stop attacks in their tracks

    Without around-the-clock monitoring, attackers can encrypt hundreds of devices within 30 minutes of gaining access. #MinutesMatter

  • playbook-white

    Plans are never perfect...

    The best Disaster Recovery Plans rarely go to plan and a recovery exercise may take days or weeks, not hours. #PlanToPrevent

  • shield-exclamation

    It's your biggest risk...

    A successful cyberattack is probably the most significant risk that your business faces. We can help. #ReduceTheRisk

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Discover the world of managed Microsoft Security

At Softwerx, we help organisations across the UK and Europe secure their businesses, through end-to-end Microsoft security and compliance solutions. On average, you can save 60% with Microsoft Security by consolidating security capabilities like cloud security, email protection, endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, and identity management.

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An effective monitoring strategy is required so that actual, or attempted, security breaches are discovered and there are appropriate measures in place to respond.

How secure365 works

Core to secure365 is the fast detection and response to events on a 24x7 basis.
  • softwerx-leverages

    secure365 leverages real-time Microsoft detection and response features

  • spec-ops

    The SecOps team investigate every suspicious event

  • high-security

    Get high-severity alerts within an hour

  • daily-updates

    Daily proactive updates to analytics rules and threat intelligence data

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