A Brief History of Softwerx

Softwerx has been providing IT services to businesses for more than 15 years.

Like many businesses, we’ve tried a number of things, but at our core, we have always been an IT services and support business.

Here’s a brief history of how we got to where we are now.


We started in Cambridge as Systems Administrators Ltd (SysAdmins), a business, you guessed it, dedicated to providing external system administration support to businesses.


The business grew rapidly and in 2003, we started to offer IT Support Services. We also added a number of specialists to the Engineering team and current Technical Director, Adriaan Bekker joined us.


In addition to System Administration and IT Support, in 2006 we started developing bespoke software systems. To help meet demand, we opened an off-shore software development office in the World Trade Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


SysAdmins was bought by Clearsprings (Management) Ltd in 2008 and early the next year, David Smart joined SysAdmins as Managing Director.


We rebranded and relaunched as Softwerx Ltd, gaining our distinctive orange look. We also started our in-house Apprenticeship Programme, to great success. Supported by Microsoft, we continue to take on new apprentices every year.


Due to resourcing challenges, in 2011 we closed our Sri Lanka office. We also restructured our business to focus on providing Systems Integration Services.


Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. This was the Year of the Cloud for Softwerx. We moved all of our own IT systems, those of the Clearsprings Group and many of our customers’ to the Cloud. We won the 'Cloud Partner of the Year' Award from Rise Computing and became a founding member of the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).


Around 2014 we became more involved in Cyber Security solutions – especially Cloud-based Cyber Security solutions. The Business continued to grow and in 2014, we moved our headquarters to Copley Hill Business Park in Cambridge where we are still located.


In the right place at the right time. Over the past five years we’ve developed a lot of experience and expertise around the Cloud and Cyber Security Systems. Softwerx is now growing at an average of nearly 30% per annum – and we’re currently looking for more excellent people to join our team!

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