Cyber Security Training Tips


With cyber crimes occurring not just to small businesses but also household brands and governments, it’s essential to have cyber security training in place to ensure your staff are equipped to be the first and last line of defence if any cyber attacks would occur. IT Security Specialists Daniel Mallinson and Andrew Murrell shared their […]

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How can Skype for Business transform your organisation?


The Evolution of Skype for Business Some of us remember that Microsoft first introduced Communicator back in 2007. In 2010, Communicator was replaced by Lync which lasted for 5 years until Skype was bought and the latest reincarnation of ‘Skype for Business’ was subsequently born.   With this history, it is a given that Skype for […]

10 things to consider when choosing an IT Support partner


“IT Support, it’s all much the same no matter who you choose, right? Can they do it? Are they cheap..?” We’ve heard it too and you’re right—the majority of IT support suppliers out there are distinguished on price. Though cost is important, there are other things worth considering too. Your IT team and business users will turn to […]