F-Secure – Who And What Is It?


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F-Secure makes cyber security its business. A Finnish cyber security and privacy company based in Helsinki, F-Secure boasts a worldwide presence with over 25 offices around the globe. For three decades, the organisation has driven innovations in cyber security to help protect both organisations and consumers from advanced cyber attacks.

Why Your Business Needs F-Secure’s Services

Our increasingly connected society puts the security of our data, identities and transactions at an ever greater risk. In our current cyber climate, experiencing an attack is not a question of probability, but rather one of inevitability.

The volume and severity of cyber threats keep increasing and hackers are constantly evolving. In recent years, users have become savvier to crude attempts at phishing. As such, scammers have been evolving their techniques in response. Rather than employing relatively easily detected mass email campaigns, perpetrators are spending time identifying targets, harvesting information and setting up bespoke cyber attacks.

Social media sites provide a wealth of information that enables scammers to tailor their phishing emails with increasing sophistication. From CEO fraud to executive whaling, cyber criminals use spoof company email accounts and impersonate senior company officials to fool employees and executives. A level of precision allows cyber criminals to trick recipients into breaking security procedures, divulging confidential information or providing access to funds.

Cyber attacks can be opportunistic and are generally, financially motivated. Once breached, systems or data are often held for ransom. This type of cyber extortion is on the rise, with organisations of any size a target. From organised and sophisticated cyber crime to simple hacks performed by lone wolves with limited resources, organisations are at an even greater risk of being compromised.

The only real consideration for any organisation is how to recover from an attack and remain resilient. As such, cyber security should not be an afterthought. While endpoint protection is essential, organisations need to alter their thinking and realise that investing in breach detection and response, instead of another layer of protection, is the best step to a more resilient and comprehensive cyber security solution.

How Can F-Secure Benefit Your Business?

F-Secure offers a portfolio of cyber security solutions to cover your organisation’s needs. Going beyond traditional anti-malware, F-Secure offers endpoint protection and security management. Analysts work 24/7 across the globe to protect customers from the latest threats. Softwerx works in partnership with F-Secure to deliver their robust and innovative cyber security solutions.

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F-Secure Radar

Radar is F-Secure’s sophisticated, vulnerability scanning and management solution that allows users to control and manage their IT security risk. While there are many ways for cyber attackers to breach corporate defences, vulnerabilities and their exploitation are the common cause of most breaches.

F-Secure Radar provides an exhaustive view of an organisation’s IT risk exposure, otherwise known as its attack surface. From network infrastructure to the global Internet, F-Secure Radar covers all points of interaction. Radar helps to mitigate many threats automatically and to identify and respond to critical vulnerabilities. It also enables users to report risks while maintaining compliance with current and future regulations.

F-Secure Radar, as a managed service, is scalable, cost-efficient and bespoke. Users can run vulnerability scans as an on-site solution or from the Cloud. Radar is not simply software. It is a combination of advanced technology and security experts’ input on vulnerability management.

F-Secure Rapid Detection Service

Rapid Detection Service (RDS) is F-Secure’s managed breach detection and response service. After a minimal installation process, everything from breach detection to response is handled by F-Secure.

RDS is designed to detect all attacks, including those that incorporate non-malware tactics. The service utilises endpoint and network sensors across your IT infrastructure to monitor intrusion and other activities initiated by attackers. All information is streamed in real-time to the Cloud. RDS employs a combination of advanced analytics which detects anomalies and deflect attackers’ evasion tactics against specific analytics.

Anomalies are flagged to analysts and a combination of human and machine intelligence enables false positives to be eliminated. An organisation will be alerted of an actual attack in less than 30 minutes and analysts provide actionable guidance to contain and remediate the threat. An on-site incident response service is also available in the case of a severe breach. F-Secure’s cyber security experts search for threats, monitor data, flag anomalies and work with customers to respond to real incidents as they take place.

F-Secure’s RDS promises quick detection, accurate diagnoses and expert advice on remediation, thereby limiting damage and enabling a return to business with minimal downtime.

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