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Combating online child sexual abuse
Delivering reliable affordable email service on-premise
Hosted Exchange Email service and Advanced Back Up
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The Challenge

As an organisation working in the online environment email is a mission critical service to ensure suspicious and criminal activity is able to be reported, investigated thoroughly and resolved on a timely basis.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, the IWF had been running an on-premise server to deliver email services using Microsoft Exchange 2003. It had become time consuming and costly to support and did not take advantage of many of the benefits that had been implemented in the Exchange platform since.

The IWF's Director of Operations, Technology and Content, Fred Langford, has overall responsibility for delivering the technical services that IWF rely on to operate. Concerned with the costs to upgrade and deliver email services from their on-premise server room, he enlisted the services of Softwerx as a local trusted technology partner to scope and implement an email service that could be delivered at a predictable, affordable costs and provide higher levels of security, resilience and recovery than could afford to be delivered on site.

The Solution

Softwerx worked with the IWF to understand the critical needs of their hotline operations and the levels of traffic being generated. Due to the sensitivity of the subject matter, Softwerx partnered with Rise, a leading UK based Cloud Service Provider to design and provision a hosted email service on the Microsoft Exchange platform to enhance the range of  features and capabilities available to the IWF. In addition the new service was enhanced through the addition of an Advanced Backup solution to ensure that the IWF had a means of guaranteeing he availability of their critical email history and could protect their service availability at a cost that could not be achieved on premise.

With the Rise commitment to guaranteeing data sovereignty, high security and resilient operations, and the application and customer environment knowledge established by Softwerx, the solution was provisioned within 2 days of order and has operated efficiently since its launch.

The Outcome

The project was delivered on time, in budget and required no additional communications infrastructure to support the new hosted operation. The IWF now has all employees and their critical Helpline service email operating on a highly resilient platform reducing the administrative and maintenance workloads  on the IWF, removing the need for any capital expenditure and delivering an effective solution at a predictable affordable cost.

Email is the life blood of our organisation and we are delighted with the solution provided by Softwerx, our trusted technology provider, which has overnight reduced our costs base and simultaneously improved our operational resilience enabling us to focus more effort and funds into our core mission of combating online child sexual abuse

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