Kidney Research UK
Core Activity:
Specialist Research into the cause and prevention of Kidney disease.
A need for professional IT Support and advice.
An IT Support Agreement, tailored to the organisation.
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The Challenge

As a charity organisation, Kidney Research UK needs to ensure that it is operating as efficiently as possible and is deriving best value from its IT Systems and that these Systems are fit for purpose and effective.

The need to stay on top of new technologies is also imperative, as the power of these when harnessed properly can directly affect fundraising techniques and results.

The Solution

Softwerx provides Kidney Research UK with a tailored IT Support package that includes state-of-the-art remote network management and monitoring tools—combined with a regular onsite engineering presence.

In addition, Softwerx also provides board-level strategic advice on new technologies, helping the organisation take advantage of productivity improvements and cost-savings.

The Outcome

Over the years Kidney Research UK has derived a number of direct and immediate cost-savings, based upon the advice provided by Softwerx. More so, with an in-depth and up-to-date level of technical advice, Kidney Research UK has a clear IT roadmap and strategy for the future.

We have worked with Softwerx for many years. The level of professionalism and guaranteed service-levels, combined with an informative and useful level of pro-active advice is a winning combination for us.

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