Strand Palace Hotel
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Leisure, Tourism, Business
The Strand Palace Hotel had a requirement to refresh it’s IT Systems and improve Business Continuity.
Softwerx helped with an IT upgrade, increased resilience by backing–up data to the Cloud and now act as a single point of contact for all IT needs.
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The Challenge

The Strand Palace hotel had effectively two related challenges. Firstly the creaking Microsoft Exchange environment required upgrading and secondly some significant improvements were required in the area of Business  Continuity—in short there was a need to improve resiliency, capability and redundancy. Furthermore , the Strand Palace (like all Hotels) had little option for any significant downtime and value for money was a key driver.

The Solution

Softwerx were able to offer a credible solution which met with the needs and demands of Strand Palace. The first task involved an on-premise upgrade of the Microsoft Exchange environment—which was conducted  outside of core hours—to minimise any business disruption.

The second part of the project concerned replicating eight critical on-premise application Servers into the Cloud (the RISE Datacentre). albeit Softwerx designed a solution that replicated all Servers to a single storage system to limit ongoing expenditure. In the event of a disaster , all systems can be started and are only paid for when required.

This whole environment was then tested in a dummy disaster  scenario—and all systems were recovered on a near instant basis i.e. within 2 hours.

The Outcome

The Strand Palace Hotel has not only improved it's email capability, but also now has a secure and resilient Disaster Recovery environment. This is  secure, cost-effective and most importantly—it works—with same day recovery no longer an aspiration, but an expectation. The Strand also now has a single point of contact for all of their IT needs.

The benefits of the using Softwerx and the Cloud to replicate our Systems were really three-fold: firstly and perhaps most importantly—we're now able to restore our Systems on a same day basis; secondly—the overall solution was very cost-efficient, with only one Server in the Cloud effectively supporting seven on premise; and finally—in Softwerx we have a single point of contact for all our IT needs and requirements..

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