Stratford Girl’s Grammar School
Core Activity:
Selective Academy for Girls
A need to utilise email in the Cloud, with greater control and flexibility.
Softwerx helped deploy a dedicated 365 presence.
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The Challenge

Stratford Girls' Grammar school had experienced Office 365 via its Local Authority, however greater management control was required to enable integration with its messaging platform.

The diverse and changing user base required a streamlined and efficient management process.The resilience and client portability offered by Office 365 had to be maintained whilst offering an increased granular level of control for all services. Messaging data had to be migrated for all critical accounts.

The Solution

Working closely with IT security experts, Caretower,Softwerx migrated the Senior Management Team email account to an Office 365 presence  dedicated to the School.The indicative messaging domain name ( was used to facilitate Office 365 services and provide logical, intuitive email addresses for all users.

Office 365 user account management is now controlled and synchronised from within the SggS windows active directory domain. A migration framework and supporting documents were developed, allowing the SggS IT Team to migrate, create and support users as needed.

The Outcome

Stratford Girls' Grammar School has now increased levels of control and autonomy that it required to properly manage its email systems . At the same  time the school has introduced even greater levels of resiliency. Looking forwards the school can now plan and build new systems and processes around  it's email infrastructure with ease and confidence.

The procurement, management and migration services provided by Softwerx worked very well together. The project was delivered on-budget and on-time with minimal disruption to the business. The post-Project follow-up care and support has also been excellent..

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