Microsoft Secure365 Feedback

Terms and Conditions

1. Softwerx would like the opportunity to participate in certain marketing and promotional activities with you to describe your feedback and engagement with our prospects and customers. By completing and signing this feedback form you agree to participate with Softwerx.

2. Such marketing activities may include (but not be limited to) a written case study, a video recording case study, a press release, testimonial advertising and a customer reference. Marketing channels may include (but not be limited to) email marketing, social media, powerpoint presentations and the Softwerx Website.

3.The following terms apply to all documentation created under this release, including any case studies, testimonial advertisements, or press releases.

a. Softwerx may interview, tape, videotape, and record your employees and/or contractors to gather information for creating the documentation. You agree to obtain sufficient permissions from any of your employees and/or contractors whose quotes, names, or pictures appear in the documentation, in order to grant the rights described in this release.
b. Softwerx may display your name, trademarks, service marks, logos, and other identifying information in the documentation, as approved by you during review of the documentation.
c. Prior to the first public release of any form of documentation, Softwerx will obtain your approval of the final content. You agree to review the final content for factual accuracy and to prevent the inadvertent release of any of your confidential information. You agree to provide Softwerx with your approval or comments in writing.
d.Except for any of your trademarks, service marks, logos, and other identifying information contained in the documentation, Softwerx will own the documentation, and grants you a license to use and distribute the documentation for your own advertising and marketing efforts.
e.Both parties will have the right to publish, use, reference, and display the final, approved documentation, in whole or through approved edited excerpts, in all forms of media now or hereafter known, and to sublicense the foregoing rights to third parties. Both parties agree that the content of the documentation will not be altered without prior written consent from the other party. Both parties also agree to stop distributing, publicly referencing, and displaying the documentation at any time upon written request from the other party. The approved documentation may be removed by Softwerx and its affiliates from distribution after a period of one (1) year from initial dissemination.

4. Data Protection: Personal data you provide while exercising the activities included herein will be used by Softwerx and/or its agents in accordance with the Softwerx Privacy Statement.

5.Each party agrees to release the other party and its contractors, agents, and employees, from any claims relating to use of the material that the releasing party provides, and which is included in the documentation, so long as such use is in accordance with the rights granted under this release.

6. Swag Packs are limited to one entry per person, per company. Current customers and UK postal addresses only. While stocks last. Bottles will be sent out within 10 working days. Softwerx reserves the right to change or cancel this offer without prior notice. Your physical address will be deleted after your bottle has been shipped and your data will be processed in keeping with Softwerx’s Privacy Policy.