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[ON-DEMAND] What you need to know about Microsoft Copilot for Security

Posted : 15 April 2024

Posted In : Webinars

Defend at AI speed. Simplify the complex. Catch what others miss. Microsoft Copilot for Security delivers a new era for security making analysts 26% faster*.

Microsoft Copilot for Security is your AI security companion which went into GA on 1 April 2024. It offers a natural language, assistive copilot experience, supporting security professionals across various scenarios like incident response and threat hunting. Designed for seamless integration, it works both as a standalone solution and integrates harmoniously with Microsoft Security products, including Defender XDR, Sentinel, Intune, and third-party services. 

Watch the webinar presented by Softwerx CISO and Microsoft Security Sensei Adriaan Bekker and learn about the purpose, features, and scope of Copilot for Security. Understand the underlying mechanisms and technologies that power Copilot for Security, including its integration with existing security tools. Explore real-world scenarios where Copilot enhances security incident response, threat detection, and mitigation. You’ll also gain insights from early adopters, cover challenges faced, and learn about the future prospects for the app. 


1. Copilot for Security – What is it?
2. How does it work?
3. Practical examples Copilot for Security in action
4. Findings so far and our thoughts

Your Microsoft Security Expert

Adriaan Bekker (CISO, Softwerx) has spent a lifetime advising businesses on best practice around security and compliance. Adriaan provides CISO advisory services to a number of global investment and law firms. Adriaan has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Microsoft Security and blends this knowledge with a unique, forthright and pragmatic approach to helping organisations realise technology benefits at a business level. 

Intended Audience

The Microsoft Security CISO Workshop Webinar series is for all IT Security Professionals who have a responsibility and remit for strategic decision-making within their organisation and, or the tactical deployment of security products and solutions.

About Softwerx

Softwerx is one of the UK’s leading Microsoft Security Specialists. We have over twenty-five years’ experience and are one of the first Microsoft Partners in the UK to gain the prestigious Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection Specialism. Our 24×7 MXDR solution secure365 is trusted by many global brands.



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