Businesses should first review their existing Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions plans - and ensure they are optimising them - before looking at alternative third-party solutions and technologies.

We call this a ‘Microsoft First’ approach, which is encapsulated by our hashtag #MicrosoftFirst strategy for security, compliance and productivity.

28 April 2020

This article looks at five compelling reasons behind this strategy and explores how organisations that are adopting a #MicrosoftFirst approach are making a real difference to their business.

1. Microsoft are now a serious player in the security and compliance marketplace

Gartner has recently named Microsoft Security a Leader in five Magic Quadrants. This is exciting news that we believe speaks to the breadth and depth of their security offerings. Gartner places vendors as Leaders who demonstrate balanced progress and effort in all execution and vision categories.

This means that Leaders not only have the people and capabilities to deliver strong solutions today, they also understand the market and have a strategy for meeting customer needs in the future. Read the full article here.

2. Futureproofed decision-making

In what is now a very noisy sector (cyber security), with multiple security vendors and solutions vying for limited market-share, product-overlap and product-bloat is the net result, with commoditisation, consolidation and ultimately confusion, now commonplace.

Through all of the noise however, Microsoft continues to invest more in research and development ($16.9BN 2019) than any other business in the security marketplace. You can rest assured that a decision and investment made in Microsoft technology is a safe and long-term investment.

3. A uniquely native end-to-end, user experience

By virtue, with a security by design Microsoft ethos and a compatible operating system, cloud platform and application set, Microsoft is the only security provider that can offer a truly ‘inbuilt’ native and seamless user experience.

4. Scalability

Microsoft has over a billion connected devices on the planet and has the capacity to run AI at scale. “Across everything we’re doing in security, machine learning and behavioural detection is at the absolute core. To make AI and machine learning work you need big data, computing at scale and the right sort of software – and we have all of that,” says Microsoft’s UK Chief Security Adviser Sian John.

5. You already own it!

In our recent UK survey and analysis of the Microsoft 365 and EM+S marketplace, you told us that you would like to know more about current the Microsoft offerings and subscriptions; and that you thought you there was significant scope (with a greater understanding) to better leverage your existing Microsoft investment. Read the full Microsoft Security Insight Report here.

To conclude, Microsoft is a clear market leader in cloud security and their position is only strengthening. By going Microsoft first, your business could benefit from the five reasons listed above.


By Faith Akinbo, Microsoft Research Analyst, Softwerx



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