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Ready, Steady, Copilot

Posted : 1 February 2024

Posted In : Webinars

Catch up on the Microsoft Security CISO Workshop in the series as we explore the latest Microsoft Security insights, announcements and products. The series will empower you as an IT Decision Maker to become the hero of your organisation’s M365 Security Enablement.

In this session, we explore how you can evaluate the data governance and associated security risks to protect your organisation for a smooth Copilot deployment. Discover best practices and actions that you can take to secure and preserve your data while leveraging the power of AI.

By the end of this webinar, you will have the knowledge and tools to be the hero of your organisation’s Microsoft 365 Copilot transformation story.


  1. Introduction to Copilot for M365 – and why end users are keen to get it?
  2. Overview of technical prerequisites for Copilot for M365
  3. Risk assessment and how to safeguard your organisation for a successful Copilot deployment
  4. Best practice for Data Security and Privacy from the Early Access Programme
  5. How you can support your business to adopt and realise value from Copilot for M365 securely

Your Microsoft Security Expert

Adriaan Bekker (CISO, Softwerx) has spent a lifetime advising businesses on best practice around security and compliance. Adriaan provides CISO advisory services to a number of global investment and law firms. Adriaan has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Microsoft Security and blends this knowledge with a unique, forthright and pragmatic approach to helping organisations realise technology benefits at a business level. 

Intended Audience

The Microsoft Security CISO Workshop Webinar series is for all IT Security Professionals who have a responsibility and remit for strategic decision-making within their organisation and, or the tactical deployment of security products and solutions.

About Softwerx

Based in Cambridge and with over twenty years’ experience, Softwerx is one of the leading Microsoft Security Specialists in the UK. Our mission is to help Midmarket organisations throughout the UK and Europe better understand and leverage their existing Microsoft investment. We provide expert professional advice, consultancy and support on Microsoft infrastructure, security and licensing. Softwerx also operates a 24×7 ‘eyes-on’ UK-based SOC and our flagship MDR solution, secure365 is trusted by a number of well-known brands.


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