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Join the next Microsoft Security CISO Workshop on EASM

Posted : 10 July 2024

Posted In : Webinars

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You wouldn’t go into battle in the Middle Ages without your armour, neither should you defend against modern threats without Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management (EASM).

Join us for a workshop which will delve into the critical aspects of managing your attack surface to strengthen your digital armour.


  1. Overview 
  2. Key benefits
  3. Configuration 
  4. Key recommendations 

Your Microsoft Security Expert

Adriaan Bekker is CISO and Microsoft Security Services Director at Softwerx. He has spent a lifetime advising businesses on best practice around security and compliance. Adriaan provides CISO advisory services to a number of global investment and law firms. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Microsoft Security which helps you harness the latest technology Microsoft has to offer.

Intended Audience

The Microsoft Security CISO Workshop Webinar series is for IT Security Professionals who are responsible for strategic decision-making or the tactical deployment of security products and solutions.

About EASM

Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management (Defender EASM) continuously discovers and maps your digital attack surface to provide an external view of your online infrastructure. This visibility enables security and IT teams to identify unknowns, prioritise risk, eliminate threats, and extend vulnerability and exposure control beyond the firewall

According to Gartner*, “EASM provides valuable risk prioritisation and context …External attack surface management is a top priority for security teams and security risk managers.” 


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