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Microsoft Security TechTalk: 3 key ways to protect your cloud and hybrid environments

Posted : 30 August 2022

Posted In : Webinars

3 key ways to protect your cloud and hybrid environments

September 2022 Microsoft Security TechTalk

Multi-cloud adoption is becoming a standard operating model for organisations and it can be challenging to have the right security controls to mitigate all risks. This Microsoft Security TechTalk covers three steps you should take to ensure all your environments are protected with the latest Microsoft best practice covering workloads, apps, perimeters and networks.


  1. Understand your hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  2. Strengthen the security posture of your cloud resources
  3. Three ways to protect workloads against threats you need to know about
Matt has been an invaluable source of information to help define our information security policies and configuration of Microsoft 365 services to enforce them for our hundreds of users across 16 offices. He’s a gifted communicator when translating technical capabilities into scenarios our team can understand.

Darren Buckman,
Head of Cresset Operations
YMCA Trinity Group

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