The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IATAM) is warning that working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic is leading to a spike in data breaches much greater than anticipated.

The IATAM raised the alarm about potential cybersecurity failures in the wake of coronavirus lockdowns in mid-March, and it seems the expectations of a rise in data breaches has been more than accurate.

IATAM President Dr. Barbara Rembiesa said in a statement “We anticipated that things would get bad. Companies and agencies may be hoping and praying they are safe, but the work-from-home environment has created a multitude of opportunities for leaks”.

Several examples of purposefully making devices less secure to simplify remote work were cited by IATAM. The shift of working at home has meant many organisations are struggling to fill IT asset gaps, leading to a high volume of machines being purchased in a short period and little time for IT teams to train their workers on property security methods while working out of the office.

Many businesses reacted quickly to the new regulations put into place by the UK Government, leaving many individuals working from home under minimal security conditions. “Many company devices were deployed into a work-from-home situation quickly, leaving little time to ensure that they would be secure via a virtual private network or other means,” IATAM said.

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