European Unions’ Diplomatic Communications ‘Targeted by Hackers’

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Reports from The New York Times and the BBC state that hackers have successfully targeted the European Unions' diplomatic communications over a period of several years.

Thousands of messages were intercepted referencing of subjects from US President Donald Trump to global trade. The breach was reported as being discovered by the cyber-security company Area 1. European officials have said that information marked as confidential and secret was not affected by the three-year hack.

An expert told the New York Times the methods used by the hackers were similar to those used by the Chinese military.

After over a decade of experience countering Chinese cyber-operations… there is no doubt this campaign is connected to the Chinese government

Intercepted messages, known as diplomatic cables, reveal one exchange in which July’s meeting between Mr Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin is described as “successful (at least for Putin)“.

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