At this point in time the hackers have only leaked user’s accounts, however claim to have access to the complete Unacademy database.

Unacademy, said to be India’s largest online learning platform and funded by social media giant Facebook, has recently had a database of 20 million accounts compromised and put up for sale on the dark web.

Hemesh Singh, Unacademy co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at the company, said the company has been closely monitoring the situation and that no sensitive information such as financial data has been breached.

“As per our internal investigations, e-mail data of around 11 million users has been compromised as against 22 million stated in reports. This is on account of only around 11 million e-mail data of users available on the Unacademy platform,” Singh said.

Singh also said the company followed stringent ecryption methods making it unlikely for anyone attackers to be able to decrypt passwords. “We also follow an OTP-based login system that provides an additional layer of security to our users. We are in communication with our users to keep them updated on the progress.”

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