The epidemic means new methods for infecting businesses and individuals with malicious software.

Amidst the current global epidemic that is COVID-19, hackers are using this to trick people into visiting malicious websites. With many looking for answers regarding the death rates and transmission methods of the virus, malicious attackers have quickly taken advantage of this by spreading malware disguised as a ‘Coronavirus map’.

The hackers have sent fake maps through email supposedly depicting the current spread of coronavirus, which ask users to open an applet that downloads AZORult, a year-old malware. This malware steals the user’s data, such as their login credentials and banking information.

Reason Labs researcher Shai Alfasi has said “This technique is pretty common. We will likely be seeing an increase in corona malware and corona malware variants well into the foreseeable future.”

People are reminded to only visit maps published by reliable sources.

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