The cybersecurity insurance provider recently suffered a data-stealing ransomware attack.

The Switzerland-based cybersecurity insurance provider Chubb, which helps businesses deal with data breaches, has revealed that is has fallen victim to a data breach itself. According to Brett Callow, who works as a threat analyst, the security incident was the result of a data-stealing ransomware attack launched by the Maze ransomware group.

The Maze ransomware can be particularly damaging to businesses as it not only spreads across a network infecting and encrypting every computer connected to it but the ransomware also exfiltrates the data contained on those machines and sends it back to the attackers’ servers. The data is then held for ransom and if an organization decides not to pay, the attackers publish all of the files Maze has obtained online.

As of now, no files stolen from Chubb have been published by the Maze ransomware group, but this could change if the company decides to not pay the requested ransom.

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