Microsoft Office 365 is announcing some name changes to their products as part of a reflecting a streamlined approach as well as the 'evolution' of new apps and features of the 365 bundles.

This name change is a natural step forward that reflects the evolution of the products themselves.

In 2017, Microsoft 365 was introduced as a licencing bundle for Enterprise customers, consisting of a combination of Windows, Office and EM+S. Since then, it has come a long way, and today Microsoft call it “the World’s productivity cloud”, representing their vision of the future for Microsoft productivity tools; an integrated set of apps and services that puts Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge innovations to work, for you.

For instance, Microsoft 365 now includes new capabilities within Teams to help you host work meetings online, utilise cloud file storage and sharing capabilities, so users can collaborate successfully with customers and colleagues from anywhere. In addition, enhanced security and identity solutions help to safeguard your business.

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