A study conducted by NTT’s cyber unit shows that Brits over the age of 30 tend to be more likely to adopt best practice when it comes to cyber security than their younger colleague, even though the under-30s tend to be more concerned about security matters.

The report suggested that young workers were more likely to take risks, with 52% saying they’d consider paying a ransomware demand, compared with 26% of over-30s. To add to this, the younger employees tended to dramatically underestimate the amount of time needed to recover from a cyber security breach, and were less likely to believe cyber security should be a regular item on the boardroom agenda.

NTT Security’s vice-president of consulting, Azeem Aleem, said “it’s clear from our research that a multigenerational workforce leads to very different attitudes to cyber security. This is a challenge when organisations need to engage across all age groups, from the oldest employee to the youngest”.

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