Cybersecurity in organisations can be “piecemeal, fragmented, complex and confusing” according to this article from Gigabit, but it doesn’t have to be.

Mimecast are a Softwerx partner that take a holistic approach to cyber security education, threat detection and risk management. For example, Mimecast’s Cybersecurity Awareness Training helps reduce the risk of human error in dealing with cyber threats. “Employees are often the last line of defense in your security chain, so it’s essential to focus on educating them and making sure they understand what’s at stake when things go wrong” Mimecast explains. Their Cybersecurity Training modules use humour to make the process more engaging, and include these features:

– Fake phishing attacks
– Profiling of your organization’s risk score using custom user metrics
– Identifying ‘shadow IT’ (unapproved software and configurations that can pose a security risk)

Let Softwerx guide you through the process of using Mimecast to secure and integrate your cybersecurity. Get in touch now to learn more.

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