Softwerx is pleased to join Cambridge Network as part of the innovative Cambridge technology cluster. 

Cambridge Network catalyses business and technology growth in the region by bringing together different ideas and industries in one community. Softwerx has partnered with Cambridge Network because it was founded over 20 years ago in Cambridge and seeks to support your organisation with a Microsoft First approach to cloud security and complianceThis Microsoft First strategy helps local and national businesses take advantage of the latest Microsoft security feature sets. The benefits of adopting this approach for businesses are significantly reduced costs and a strengthened security posture. 

In the past 50+ years Cambridge has fostered a technology cluster known as ‘Silicon Fen’. Cambridge is one of the UK’s top locations for technology firms thanks to the links with the University of Cambridge, the conducive networking opportunities, as well as investment in hi-tech business parks. This cluster has inspired world-leading companies to set up operations in Cambridge, including Amazon, Apple, AstraZeneca, Huawei and the launch of the Cambridge Microsoft Research Lab in 1997. This Microsoft Lab researches advanced areas of computing including machine learning, security and information retrieval. 

Softwerx conducts their own cuttingedge research into Microsoft Security knowledge anadoption in the technology cluster’s spirit of fostering research-based innovation combined with deep technical knowledge. Softwerx is thus well positioned as a dynamic player within the rapidly evolving Cambridge technology ecosystem. The company acts an interface that meets the challenges of advanced business security and compliance requirements with the solutions provided by the latest Microsoft technical capabilities. A product of Softwerx’s recent ground-breaking research in this area is The Microsoft Security Insight Report which you can access freely here. In practice, for example, Softwerx have facilitated local management consultancy Cambridge Econometrics successful move to secure remote working. This was achieved across their Cambridge and international offices using the latest Microsoft security, cloud and productivity stack. 

David Smart, Managing Director of  Softwerx,commented, “We are really pleased to be joining Cambridge Network as part of the Cambridge Technology Cluster. We are looking forward to benefitting local businesses with our innovative Microsoft First approach for security and compliance.”   

Sara Baxter, Cambridge Network’s Operations Manager also commented on the new partnership saying, “We are excited to extend our membership base to include Softwerx as part of the Cambridge Network community. IT security and compliance is a critical area of concern, and the challenges our members face in this area are only becoming greater every year. We are pleased that our members will have the opportunity to benefit from Softwerx’s decades of experience in the Cambridge region helping organisations strengthen and streamline their information security systems.”


Softwerx have a number of exciting events planned for the future. Look out for Softwerx’s upcoming events which will be regularly updated on Cambridge Network’s calendar.


Cambridge Network is a membership organisation based in Cambridge, UK, where people from business and academia meet together and share ideas that will help Cambridge compete on the world stage. 
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