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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Building a Robust Cloud Security Posture with a Microsoft First Approach

Posted : 22 April 2021

Posted In : Webinars

Building and maintaining a robust cloud security posture within a defined budget is a demanding proposition that is increasing in both complexity and consequence, as attacks become more sophisticated, together with a myriad of over-lapping solutions.

In this panel discussion we explore the ‘art of what is now possible’ with a Microsoft First approach to security and compliance. We’ll be discussing:

  • Why Microsoft are now a serious cyber security partner
  • Exploring the ‘art of what is possible’ with Microsoft
  • Building a cyber-resilient Microsoft Road Map
  • Use Cases
Softwerx supported our ‘Microsoft First’ journey by helping us to align our commercial strategy with Microsoft’s technology stack. Thanks to this, we’ve streamlined security, reduced vendor overlap and realised concrete security gains including a 40%+ increase in our Microsoft Secure Score.

Peter Messervy-Gross,
Chief Information Officer
Altum Group

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