Teams is Microsoft's productivity and video conferencing app. With the usage of Teams skyrocketing in the last few weeks to over 44 million daily active users, you’ll want to ensure your Teams usage is secure. Read on to discover how to optimise Teams security over Azure Sentinel.

Moving to, or increasing usage of, Teams means that securing the service should be a higher priority for your IT department than ever, due to its critical role in communications and data sharing. Teams is often plugged directly into online shared document systems like SharePoint, for example, meaning that unsecured vulnerabilities could be exploited to access confidential communications, documents and more.

There are multiple ways to help you enhance the security of Teams, but in this excellent blog by Microsoft, they focus on how to better secure Teams using activity logs with Azure Sentinel. The blog also reveals how a SOC team can start hunting in that Teams data to protect their organization and users.

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