It’s time once again for Fortinet to head back out into the wilds of the cyber threat landscape to review another quarter of mischief and mayhem. Here’s a quick synopsis of the attractions we’ll visit this quarter:

  • The Fortinet Threat Landscape Index – this summary measure of how bad it is out there was more volatile than ever, but rose a slight 1% overall during the quarter.
  • Tools and Tricks for Living Off the Land – Threat actors increasingly leverage legitimate tools already installed on target systems to carry out cyberattacks. We discuss several of these tools and how they’re being used.
  • Attackers Thinking More About ThinkPHP – Exploits targeting the ThinkPHP framework hit the #2 spot, reminding us that attackers don’t discriminate against lesser-known technologies to accomplish their goals on a global scale.
  • Content Management Needs Constant Management – We all know WordPress is a magnet for attacks, but what about less well-known CMS? We examine new exploits you need to know about if you use these tools in your organization.
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