Softwerx partnered with Exonar to create 'The Ultimate Guide to Data Migration'. Whether it’s Microsoft 365 and Azure, AWS or others, the trend for cloud migration will increase further in 2021. As the pandemic took hold, people were directed to work from home wherever possible, which accelerated digital transformation exponentially to drive the mass cloud migration witnessed in 2020.

Our customers are asking these questions all the time when they’re planning a migration:

  • What data is being migrated to the cloud and why is it being moved?
  • How will it be moved?
  • What will happened to the data once it’s in the cloud?
  • How will data governance be maintained before, during and after the migration?

The answer is quite simply that you must understand what data you have before you migrate, or you’ll face major problems during the process. There are always skeletons hidden in large legacy and unstructured data sets – PII and sensitive data that needs to be secured or deleted.