Safer Together alliance combats phishing attacks

Housing Provider to central government adopts defence-in-depth approach with Microsoft and IRONSCALES



Industry: Housing

Customer size: 300

At a glance

Security solutions: IRONSCALES and Microsoft

Initial challenge: Phishing emails that were not filtered by existing email security apps

Main benefits: Integrated security posture to mitigate against email phishing attacks

Ready Homes has been providing short-term ‘ready to move into homes’ to Central and Local Government since 2000. Ready Homes is an organisation that prides itself on providing value for money, quality and transparency in a package that meets the needs of service users. It does this while complying with the stringent standards required by contracts, as well as statutory and local authority legislation.

With the management of critical data being intrinsic to the overall service, a robust defence against any cyber threat is essential.

Client challenges

As a Housing Provider to the UK Government, Ready Homes recognises the serious risk to the organisation’s data posed by motivated threat actors. It also understands that phishing attacks via email are a common attack vector.

The business had already secured its infrastructure with Microsoft Defender and regularly trains its staff, but given the high risk associated with phishing attacks, wanted an extra layer of protection.

Softwerx's solution

IRONSCALES and their Complete Protect package was the answer. The IRONSCALES solution plugs directly into the organisation’s Microsoft 365 email environment, which means once Microsoft has scanned an email, IRONSCALES automatically provides a second opinion.

This second opinion is based upon a world-leading, self-learning and AI-driven, integrated email security platform that continuously detects and remediates threats that other technology solutions just cannot see.

The key to building a successful defence-in-depth approach to security is to ensure that any layer and respective solution properly integrates with those around it. IRONSCALES and Microsoft work seamlessly together.

Client benefits

Ready Homes now has an integrated and powerful security posture to mitigate against email phishing attacks. This posture includes advanced AI-based phishing technology, combined with expertly qualified Microsoft Security Analysts from Softwerx.

This ‘safer together’ approach is the key to realising a defence-in-depth strategy, ultimately equating to a greatly increased peace of mind for the organisation.

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“IRONSCALES plugs directly into the Office365 email environment, which means we can manage it holistically, as part of the overall security service.”

Matt Smith, Microsoft Services


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“Deployable in a matter of minutes with advanced threat notifications starting in just a few hours, most customers see a tangible benefit very quickly.”

Adriaan Bekker, Technical Director


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“IRONSCALES gives us that extra peace of mind – in what is an area of critical risk for the organisation – our staff and their email.”

Steve Lakey, Managing Director

Ready Homes

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