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Microsoft-first approach to security benefits financial experts Altum (formerly LGL)

Altum group


Industry: Financial Services, Wealth Management

Customer size: 90

At a glance

Softwerx’s solutions: A Microsoft-First Approach

Initial challenge: Complex ‘stovepipe’ style security and overlapping solutions

Main benefits: Retired third-party security apps, cost savings with Microsoft 365

Via a Microsoft First approach to cybersecurity and compliance, the Altum Group identified an opportunity to enhance its cybersecurity posture, whilst at the same time rationalising its overall spend and simplifying the user experience. Softwerx, a leading Microsoft security practice in the UK, helped Altum both architect and deploy a unified XDR and SIEM security solution that incorporates Microsoft Azure, Azure Sentinel, Microsoft 365 apps, and the latest Microsoft 365 E3 security features. Altum now enjoys enhanced security, reduced costs, and a more-efficient user experience.

Client challenges

Frustrated by a cybersecurity marketplace that appeared to be constantly increasing in both complexity and cost, Altum sought a simplified approach that didn’t compromise on the enterprise-grade level of security that the business demanded. Altum also identified the need to move away from a traditional “stovepipe” approach that created both operational and commercial overlap and management challenges. Altum recognised that from an employee perspective, the security experience needed to be seamless for it to be successful.


Softwerx's solution

Working collaboratively with Altum, Softwerx designed a roadmap around a Microsoft First security approach. This included migrating users from Citrix to Azure Virtual Desktop and introducing Azure Sentinel to provide Altum with enterprise-grade security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR) capabilities. Softwerx also recommended building on the Azure cloud foundation by utilising advisory tools within Microsoft 365 and Azure to improve controls.

Client benefits

Altum modernised their security controls overall and reaped three important benefits.

Firstly, the financial services company gained an enhanced security posture. Secondly, they enabled a streamlined native user experience. Finally, they realised significant overall cost savings, achieved primarily through the reduction of third-party application subscriptions, all whilst maintaining similar “like-for-like” functionality.

Case study re-published from Microsoft’s website:

Microsoft Customer Story-Microsoft-first approach to security benefits financial experts Altum (formerly LGL)

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