A 24x7 Microsoft SOC – Build or Buy?

November 2022 Microsoft Security TechTalk

About the TechTalk


IT teams are overwhelmed trying to protect their organizations against an onslaught of cyberattacks, including a 92 percent rise in ransomware attacks,1 while 76% of ransomware attacks occur outside of normal office hours.2 If you’re not monitoring your systems on a 24×7 basis, you don’t have a robust cyber security posture.

This Microsoft Security TechTalk explores the challenges and benefits of building or buying a SOC, hosted by leading Microsoft Authority and Softwerx Technical Director, Adriaan Bekker.


  1. Gain insight into the challenges of SOC attack detection and response.
  2. Learn about the latest Microsoft SecOps security features.
  3. Get a practical demonstration of Microsoft Secure365

1 Ransomware attacks nearly doubled in 2021, Security Magazine.

2 They Come in the Night: Ransomware Deployment Trends | Mandiant.

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About the presenter

Adriaan Bekker

Adriaan Bekker, Technical Director, Softwerx

Adriaan Bekker is the Technical Director at Softwerx and has over twenty-five years of hands-on Microsoft experience. He is Technical Director at Softwerx and oversees Softwerx’s SOC, Microsoft Secure365. Adriaan holds degrees in both technology and business and his no-nonsense approach makes for compelling discussion.

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