Join the Microsoft Security Webinars

Discover the benefits of adopting a Microsoft First approach

The Microsoft Security Webinars for Business Leaders and Security Professionals are designed to explain the ‘art of what’s possible’ for your organisation with the Microsoft Security portfolio and why a ‘Microsoft First’ strategy makes business sense. 

Watch the Microsoft Security Webinars for Financial Services Organisations

Financial Services firms are responsible for highly sensitive and extremely valuable data. Managing rapid change and future proofing your organisation is key.
In these ‘Microsoft First’ webinars, you will learn about current threats to Financial Services Organisations. Discover several ways that the latest Microsoft security features can address these and how to make the most of your Microsoft subscriptions.


Watch the Microsoft Security Webinars for Bioscience and Healthcare Organisations

The Bioscience and Healthcare industries’ sensitive intellectual property is a magnet for cyber criminals. These webinars will assist board-level executives in Bioscience and Healthcare organisations as well as technical IT teams to quickly get up to speed on the latest Microsoft security apps and features that are increasingly becoming cloud security industry disruptors.


Watch the Microsoft Security Webinars for Legal Practices on-demand

Law firms hold a unique position from a cyber-threat perspective due to sensitive client data and reputational risk.

Over the past eighteen months Microsoft has become the leader in 5 Gartner Magic Quadrant security categories. In these webinars, discover a number of ways to leverage these native, end-to-end Microsoft solutions to better protect your Legal Practice.


Watch the Microsoft Security Webinars for Charities on-demand

Across the board, registered Charities of all types are facing the difficult challenge of still having to maintain secure and compliant systems, but with much reduced funding and resources. In these webinars from October 2020, you’ll discover the latest Microsoft solutions specifically for Charities and the benefits of reviewing your Charity’s existing Microsoft spend to take advantage of an enhanced Microsoft security portfolio.


Microsoft 365 Security Webinar Cover

Watch the Security Uncovered Webinar on-demand

We ran this ‘Security Uncovered’ webinar in October 2019 to provide a better understanding of the security configurations that are included in Microsoft Office 365 and EM+S, but may not be fully optimised to protect your businesses.


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