1. What is it? A complete update for Windows.
  2. When will it be released? As early as June 2015 and certainly this summer.
  3. What will it cost? For those already using Windows 7 and 8.1 it will be free for the first year, however, there are a number of conditions and restrictions.
  4. Will I have to upgrade? No, but of course, keeping your IT Systems relatively current is important, or it becomes very expensive/difficult at a later date to upgrade legacy systems.
  5. How easy will it be to upgrade? A seamless step for those already on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8. A full new Windows installation for those on older OS versions.
  6. What’s the big difference? From a user experience/perspective much of the industry is talking about a taste of Project Spartan, the browser that will eventually replace Internet Explorer; virtual assistant Cortana, that will make her way to the Desktop; and Windows Hello or biometric authentication, providing security access via scanning your face, finger or iris.
  7. Will it be different from Windows 8.1? Yes – and, but no. Microsoft came in for a lot of bad press with the launch of Windows 8, particularly around the introduction of ‘tiles’ and the absence of the familiar desktop and taskbar. Windows 10 overcomes this, by quite simply giving you both. Press the Start button and you get a real (traditional) Start Menu, with all of your tiles placed neatly alongside.
  8. Can I get an early preview? Yes. Simply go to but remember, WTP stands for (mostly) Windows Technical Preview (as well as Winne the Pooh); so be careful about loading on your live/production systems.
  9. What does this mean for Microsoft? One of the significant ambitions with Windows 8 was in effect to develop a ‘unified’ operating system i.e. an OS that would work seamlessly across a multitude of devices. Microsoft Windows head Terry Myerson recently stated that Windows 10 is all about ‘unity’ and that Windows 10 will be a ‘one application platform’ for all devices that run Windows 10.
  10. What else do I need to know? There are a lot of interesting things being talked about alongside Windows 10, including for example Microsoft HoloLens (your kids will love this). Earlier this year Microsoft revealed Windows Holographic and Microsoft HoloLens, a new headset and hologram system designed to introduce the concept of augmented reality. Every Windows 10 device will support holographic computing APIs.

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