Crest is a not-for-profit organisation that serves the needs of a technical information security marketplace that requires the services of a regulated professional services industry.

At Softwerx, we are champions of both cloud computing and cyber security (not unrelated). We recognise the Crest Cyber Essentials programme as an excellent (and much required) independently recognised standard in Cyber Security for business in the UK; and like the Cloud Industry Forum we applaud and embrace an initiative that we believe will act as - an easily understandable and base-level approach - helping businesses cut through the fog of confusion and offerings in the IT security space.

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Unfortunately though, there won't be many $3000 Augmented Reality Headsets in Christmas stockings this year – principally because Microsoft have announced that HoloLens devices will only start shipping in the first quarter of 2016.

There have already been a number of positive (and less positive reviews) around HoloLens, with many declaring it is the most exciting technology around at that moment, that has the potential to (eventually) change the way we interface with the digital world – and then merge this with the physical world; whilst others are slightly more critical, aligning the technology to the gimmicky Google-glass, finding the headset itself awkward (felt like a PC in my face) and the very technology clunky.

Our view? Well we're a Microsoft Shop so we are going to be a bit bias I guess, even sub-consciously. However, think back just a few years – where you one of those people walking around London with a work colleague taking it in turns to carry the car battery (mobile phone)? I was. Fast-forward a couple of decades and we all have enormously powerful computers in our pockets, now on our wrists – so why not soon on our heads.

We think that HoloLens marks a new step-change in the UI (User-Interface) since the invention of the keyboard - and even accepting the first model is a bit Heathkit and the second (look up Asus) may still be clunky – the future is indeed set to change. Some of the 'serious' applications around learning, health and business are quite simply phenomenal, but what is likely to drive continued investment and improvement are the demographic that still believe in Father Christmas. Take your average 7 year old who is already likely glued to games such as Minecraft and still believes in Father Christmas (just); adding a third-dimension to a game-playing experience will effectively bring the game to (real) life - as we currently interpret it (the physical/real) world i.e. in 3D.

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