Over the past twelve months we have seen our business grow fairly significantly with an increase in cloud migrations and ongoing IT Support Agreements. There is no particular pattern to this, other than many businesses now appear to be ready and comfortable to reinvest in their forward-thinking strategies and for many this means a review of their IT Systems.

The good news for these businesses is that the IT landscape has changed significantly in the last 12-24 months and the cloud has brought about the commoditisation (lower cost) of key services such as email and a much broader choice in terms of infrastructure migration and deployment.

Today we are seeking to bolster both our Helpdesk and Technology Services Team. For more information and detail please visit our careers section at or email

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Ropemaker - New Email Security Threat

Most people believe that, like a letter, once it is delivered, an email is immutable. However, a new email exploit turns that assumption on its head. Email is the most common method of communication and information exchange.

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