Following a year of significant growth and contribution, Softwerx has been awarded Mimecast Partner Champion of the Year.

Softwerx was also highlighted for a strong commitment to the Partner programme in terms of training, marketing, leadership and communication. 

Gillian Crewdson, Senior Director of Channel Sales, Mimecast, comments “Softwerx are proving to be a model Partner for Mimecast. We have been encouraged by the commitment shown across their whole business. They are fully engaged from a leadership, technical, sales and marketing perspective and as a result our joint business has grown substantially over the past eighteen months.  I feel confident we are offering a legendary experience to our joint customers based on the synergy across our businesses. I am looking forward to achieving even greater things with Softwerx.”

David Smart, Managing Director, Softwerx, comments “Over the past couple of years we have built a small portfolio of best-practice, next-generation Cyber Security solutions. Mimecast was an early and obvious choice for us - and whilst we’ve had a successful year, in many ways, we feel like we have only just scratched the surface. We’re delighted to receive this Award and the recognition that goes with it, which will only serve to increase our commitment to the Partnership and drive us on to even better things”.

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