Achieving Security and Compliance for your Charity with a Microsoft First presented in partnership with the Association for Charitable Organisations

Presented by Adriaan Bekker at Softwerx

In a recent study, 9 out of 10 IT decision makers were found to be struggling to effectively manage their cyber security and have scope to leverage their Microsoft investment. The chances are that your organisation can benefit from a number of steps to secure and simplify your IT, with a Microsoft First approach.

Across the board, registered Charities of all types are facing the difficult challenge of still having to maintain secure and compliant systems, but with much reduced funding and resources. In this webinar, Adriaan Bekker, Technical Director at Softwerx, leans on over 20 years of Microsoft experience working with Charities. Adriaan explains in plain English how Charities should be reviewing their existing Microsoft spend and taking advantage of an increased Microsoft Security portfolio.

This webinar is aimed at Business Leaders and key decision makers who work within a formally registered Charitable Organisation.Whilst the subject matter at the core is technical in nature, all aspects are explained in a clear non-technical business language.

Webinar agenda:

  1. The unique set of challenges facing Charities
  2. The ‘art of what’s possible’ with Microsoft Security
  3. Why a ‘Microsoft First’ strategy makes commercial sense
  4. Case Study: A real-world modern-workplace Charity

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About the presenter


Adriaan Bekker, Technical Director, Softwerx

Adriaan has worked in information security management for over 2 decades. Holding both Computer Science and Business degrees, he offers a valuable blend of technical expertise and commercial insight.

Webinar feedback




The webinar is “a really insightful and practical session, delivered in an informal and non-technical manner. It really gets to the crux of the security challenges (and potential solutions) many charities face.

Donal Watkin, Chief Executive, Association for Charitable Associations


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