On-demand webinar: Why legacy data will screw up your migration (and what to do about it)

Presented by Adriaan Bekker at Softwerx and James McCarthy at Exonar

Running a cloud migration? Worried your legacy data will screw it up? Watch the on-demand webinar and we’ll show you how to make it a success.

Most financial services firms hold significant amounts of legacy data. Especially if it’s a mature organisation. The problem with trying to migrate legacy data to the cloud is that the older it is, the more of a mess it will be.

Much of it will contain sensitive and unstructured information, with  PII and key client information. Often times it’s been overlooked because it predates the stringent regulations enforced by PCI DSS, FCA, PRA and GDPR.

If this information isn’t correctly secured, classified or deleted before it’s migrated, your business could be looking at reputational damage and high monetary fines in the event of a data breach.

So watch the on-demand webinar to get  the definitive tools and tactics for cleaning up your data and making your migration a success.

Webinar agenda:

  1. Why legacy data will make a mess of your migration
  2. The risks of migrating it all anyway and ‘hoping for the best’
  3. The definitive tools and tactics for cleaning it up and making it a success

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About the presenters

Adriaan Bekker, Technical Director, Softwerx

Adriaan has worked in information security management for over 2 decades.

Holding both Computer Science and Business degrees, he offers a valuable blend of technical expertise and commercial insight.


James McCarthy, CMO, Exonar

James McCarthy is the Chief Marketing Officer at Exonar.

He has over 20 years’ experience marketing the propositions of some of the most influential B2B and B2C technology brands, including over 6 years at Microsoft.


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