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Posted : 5 February 2024

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75% of Ransomware attacks happen outside of normal business operating hours and 82% of executives now rate a cyber attack as a ‘very high’ threat to the organisation.

In this playbook, you will discover how you can now afford to put security first, and still concentrate on your core business approach.

Download your copy of the solution play for manufacturing firms and discover:

  • The 8 latest security risks to the manufacturing sector
  • The technology and human processes that work ‘under the bonnet’
  • 6 ways secure365 is ‘Different by Design’
  • A Night in the Life of a Security Analyst

What you'll discover

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  • boerwier
  • rgeshtr

A comprehensive security assessment of your complete company infrastructure including Microsoft 365 and Azure, to CIS (Centre for Internet Security) standards.

Generating an in-depth understanding of your security posture can often be very expensive and resource-intensive. By utilising specifically automated tools and technology (CSAT), together with our security expertise, you can now quickly examine and review your organisation’s security profile against a globally recognised authority, CIS (Center for Internet Security).

It can be purchased independently or added (at a discounted rate) to your secure365 Agreement.

CISO security workshop on copilot on Wednesday next week if you’re interested