Darktrace - Enterprise Immune System

Darktrace is powered by machine learning developed by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge.  Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is the only technology capable of detecting and responding to emerging cyber-threats, from within the network.

Darktrace works by analysing raw network data, creating unique behavioural models for every user and device, and for the relationships between them.

Inspired by the self-learning intelligence of the human immune system, this new approach is delivered by cutting-edge cyber security technology that is capable of learning ‘self’ within an organisation in real time – enabling it to detect emerging threats that bypass other security controls.

Darktrace is capable of detecting cyber-threats and anomalous behaviors that bypass traditional security tools, without prior knowledge of specific threats, or using rules or signatures.

Key Features of Darktrace 

  • Adaptive – evolves with your organisation
  • Self-learning – constantly refines its understanding of normal
  • Probabilistic – works out likelihood of serious threat
  • Real-time – spots threats as they emerge
  • Works from day one – delivers instant value
  • Low false positives – correlation of weak indicators
  • Data agnostic – ingests all data sources
  • Highly accurate – models human, device and enterprise behavior

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What is Darktrace Enterprise Immune System?

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