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Exonar can help to find all of your organisation’s unstructured information, understand what information is important, where that information is and who has access to it.

The service monitors what information is created, moved or deleted, irrespective of where it’s stored and in what format. Thereby reducing the burden on in-house IT, in terms of security and compliance.

Get Serious About GDPR

Do you know exactly where your data is stored and more importantly, who has access to it?

GDPR is one of the most significant regulatory frameworks to hit companies for some time, placing wide-ranging demands, which impact on people, policies and processes. GDPR is clear that individuals have a series of rights when it comes to how their data is collected, stored, used and disposed of. When considering GDPR in the context of your business, it is fundamental to be able to fulfil each of these rights.

The financial penalties of non-compliance are widely reported. As such, data management should be the primary activity for any organisation preparing for GDPR.

Avoid Mismanaging Your Data

The team at Exonar understands the regulatory challenges you face. In the course of helping companies to manage their data, Exonar have uncovered instances where multiple gigabytes of data are hidden throughout a network. This is data which could be misappropriated or shared.

Should your organisation suffer a breach, not knowing about your hidden data is not a permissible excuse. You need to clearly account for every piece of data that you hold and how you handle it.

Data Management Made Easy

Data management is key to the successful implementation of any GDPR strategy.

Exonar’s solution is built on search technology and is able to handle billions of documents. The system leverages Machine Learning to undertake data discovery and classification. It enables businesses to better organise their information, removing risk and making data more secure.

This unique platform enables you to audit, identify and classify hidden, high-risk data held within your network.

Sign Up With Softwerx

Working in partnership with Softwerx, Exonar may be deployed on-site, hosted in the Cloud or consumed as a managed service.

Signing up to Exonar will help you reduce risk and become GDPR compliant. Manage your data correctly and efficiently with the help of Exonar.

What is GDPR?

Read our blog to find out about this new regulation coming into force as of May 2018.

GDPR Webinar

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GDPR Guide

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