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Living in an increasingly connected society puts the security of our data, identities and transactions at an ever greater risk. For over 25 years F-Secure have made cyber security their business.

Whether you will experience a cyber-attack is not a question of probability. The threat to your company’s IT security is real. The volume and severity of cyber threats keep increasing and hackers are constantly evolving. The only real question is whether your organisation will recover from an attack and remain resilient. Cyber security should not be an afterthought. To ensure cyber resilience for your organisation, you need the right team.

F-Secure offers a portfolio of cyber security solutions to cover your organisation's needs. From extensive knowledge and insight to smart software and cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, F-Secure’s solutions combine to keep you safe.

F-Secure goes beyond traditional anti-malware. They offer endpoint protection, security management and network security solutions. Analysts work 24/7 across the globe to protect customers from the latest threats. Softwerx works in partnership with F-Secure to deliver their cyber security solutions.


There are many ways for cyber attackers to breach corporate defences. Vulnerabilities and their exploitation are still the root cause of most breaches. F-Secure Radar is a sophisticated, vulnerability scanning and management solution that gives you the tools to control and manage IT security risk.

It provides an organisation with an exhaustive view of its attack surface. An attack surface is the sum of an organisation’s IT risk exposure. The surface covers all network infrastructure, software and web applications, both internally and in the global Internet and includes an understanding of all points of interaction. Rapidly changing, complex business IT environments create an ever broader attack surface.

F-Secure Radar helps organisations to mitigate many threats automatically and to identify and respond to critical vulnerabilities in time. It also enables users to report risks while maintaining compliance with current and future regulations. F-Secure Radar can offer unparalleled vulnerability scanning courtesy of robust, up-to-date scanning engines and an intuitive management dashboard.

Why not outsource vulnerability management to the security experts? F-Secure Radar, as a managed service, is scalable, cost-efficient and can be tailored to your needs. Users can run vulnerability scans as an on-site solution or from the Cloud. Radar is not simply software. Rather a combination of advanced technology and security experts' input on vulnerability management

Rapid Detection Service (RDS)

F-Secure Rapid Detection Service helps prepare your organisation for advanced cyber-attacks. Sophisticated, corporate cyber-attacks have become commonplace. Breaching even the best defences, cyber criminals are able to disrupt services and harvest data. While strong perimeters are essential, the best line of defence starts with the assumption that breaches are inevitable.

Our fully managed service is designed to detect the most skilled of attackers, whether they're using malware or non-malware tactics. Attackers typically exploit a known vulnerability in a server or use spear-phishing emails to target members of customer-facing teams.

Rapid Detection Service incorporates endpoint and network sensors across your IT infrastructure to monitor intrusion and other activities initiated by attackers. All information is streamed in real-time to the Cloud. By using a combination of advanced analytics, anomalies can be detected. The use of different types of analytics means that attackers are unable to employ evasion tactics against specific types. Anomalies are flagged to analysts who verify them and filter out false positives. The balance of human and machine intelligence enables false positives to be eliminated. Real attacks get reported and a sophisticated response kicks in.

Once confirmed, an organisation will be alerted of an actual threat in less than 30 minutes. Analysts provide actionable guidance to contain and remediate the threat. An on-site incident response service is also available in the case of a severe breach. At the core of Rapid Detection Service is the Rapid Detection Centre, which is the base for detection and response services. Cyber security experts work 24/7, searching for threats, monitoring data, flagging anomalies and working with customers to respond to real incidents as they take place.

Quick detection, accurate diagnoses and expert advice on remediation enable organisations to limit damage and return to business with minimal downtime.

F-Secure Rapid Detection Service

Read through our whitepaper on F-Secure's Rapid Detection Service (RDS) to find more in-depth information about how it works and how it can benefit your organisation.

F-Secure Radar Vulnerability Risk Management

Vulnerabilities and their exploitation are still the root cause of most breaches. Adversaries don't need many vulnerabilities, one is enough. Learn how you can protect your organisation with F-Secure.

F-Secure Radar Datasheet

Vulnerability management is crucial in keeping your critical systems secure, F-Secure Radar can provide you with the security your company or organisation needs. Download our free datasheet to find out more.

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