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Softwerx partners with IT Governance to offer a full range of technical security solutions to help you reduce your risk exposure dramatically by identifying and addressing vulnerabilities fast, before attackers can exploit them.

The development of big data, the Cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and social media has created as many opportunities for businesses as it has created threats.

Cyber criminals today possess a much broader range of methods and tools to gain access to your company information. 

Even if you are a relatively unknown organisation of little apparent interest to an attacker, the scans employed by hackers will target vulnerabilities in both the systems and software you use. It is not a question of if you will be attacked, but when will you be attacked.

Our Approach

Working together with IT Governance, we offer a range of services including detailed advice and reporting to indicate where your security weaknesses are. 

Prior to undertaking any testing, our IT consultants will conduct an indepth assessment of your systems, networks or applications to understand your needs.  We then provide a full technical report, detailing issues and recommendations to address these. 

Through our partnership with IT Governance we can provide affordable and accessible solutions for organisations aganist cyber security threats.

We strive to add real value for our clients and by blending our own technical expertise and experience, with market-leading security and compliance advice from IT Governance, our customers can now benefit from a joined-up approach to their business and technology challenges.

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