The MobileIron platform was built to secure and manage modern operating systems in a world of mixed-use devices.

Mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows 10 address many old security issues but also create new and complex cyber security requirements.

With the traditional PC environment, security focused on restricting employees’ access to corporate resources and the actions they could take, which led to users being able to do less.

Now, with new technology and devices, the right security model means that employees can do more. With MobileIron, security means enabling business not restricting it.

MobileIron lets you simplify and secure the management of your entire mobile fleet, while harnessing the power of mobile devices. 

Key Features of MobileIron

  • Manage complete mobile deployments from a single console.
  • Enforce app and data security with a granular mobile policy engine.
  • Deploy and manage business mobile apps with comprehensive MAM capabilities.
  • Quarantine non-compliant, jailbroken, or rooted devices.
  • Retire and selectively wipe business data from lost or outdated devices.

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