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Endpoint Protection provides detection and prevention from spyware, malware and virus attacks for laptops, desktops, virtual machines, mobile devices and servers. It’s necessary to protect your IT infrastructure from malicious infections and data theft.

Endpoint Protection has moved on from being just an anti-virus offering, to providing an advanced level of evolving threat protection. Through using Cloud-based Endpoint Protection, it’s now possible to be protected from zero-day attacks as soon as they are detected anywhere in the world.

Businesses no longer have to manually update their Endpoint Protection to have ongoing protectionthe threat database is constantly updated in real time via the Cloud.

Softwerx uses and recommends Secure Anywhere Endpoint Protection from Webroot. After reviewing competitor solutions, we hold it as best-in-class for Endpoint Protection.

Webroot is regularly rated in the majority of independent studies as the most effective and efficient Endpoint Protection available. We use it in our business and can’t agree more.

Key Features of Webroot

Minimal footprint.  As it’s Cloud-based, client is around 700kb with no bulky update files to download.

No conflicts.  It runs alongside any existing protection solutions causing no conflicts within the system,

Deploys instantly.  Usual installation time is around 5 seconds, causing no inconvenience to users.

Always current.  Evolving and zero-day threat data is delivered instantly via The Cloud.

Rollback ability. If a suspicious program does something to become classified as malicious, Webroot Secure Anywhere Endpoint Protection can roll back and remediate all of the local changes made by the malware.

Pricing is based on an annual, per user subscription. Flexible plans and options are available, just ask us.

If you’d like a quotation or more information about how Softwerx and Webroot Secure Anywhere Endpoint Protection can provide your business with best-in-class Endpoint Protection, please get in touch.

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Webroot Client Testimonial

The Internet Watch Foundation talks about their experience with Webroot Secure Anywhere Endpoint Protection

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We found Webroot did exactly what we were told it would do, so we couldn't wait to roll it out as quickly as possible and reduce the infections we were experiencing.

Fred Langford
Deputy CEO, Internet Watch Foundation

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