Zscaler Web Security

A good firewall used to be enough protection between the internet and your data centres. Not any more.

With so many people working from sites other than the business office and users from other organisations coming into your business to work, it’s never been a more crucial time to secure your business’s web access points.

Protecting your business, wherever your team is

Making the internet safe for your business and its users is best served via a Cloud solution. This allows you to define usage policies by users, groups or departments and this policy will work consistently, wherever in the world the user is logging in from.

Nothing malicious comes in, nothing valuable leaves

Aside from preventing malicious code and activities reaching your networks from an external source, high- level internet security is essential to stop unauthorised data leaving the business. Web security should also monitor traffic on your guest wifi networks.

We recommend Zscaler

After reviewing a range of cyber security solutions, we find Zscaler to be best-in-class for web security for business. It’s also the web security solution we’ve chosen to protect our business.

Zscaler features we rate include:-

  • Zscaler ring fences the business by inspecting all web traffic in both directions.
  • Unlike most other solutions, Zscaler scans all connections (including SSL) not just browser-based activity.
  • Provides real time analytics on usage, threats and app traffic.
  • Works across Cloud-based business apps including Amazon, Dropbox and Facebook.

How healthy is your web security?

Put your current web security to the test with Zscaler's confidential and 100% safe free instant risk assessment and discover exactly how well your company data, systems and users are protected. 

You'll also receive recommendations on how to improve your organisations internet security systems and fill any gaps.

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