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Cyber Security is a core business activity for Softwerx, not an add-on or an afterthought. We don’t do transactional sales, we don’t work with dozens of vendors and we don’t provide magic solutions at rock-bottom prices.

We are professionally accredited, we only work with a handful of carefully selected market-leading vendors, we do hold elite status with most of these vendors, we are a very technical organisation and we only promote those solutions that we use ourselves and finally we insist on providing a complete and rounded cyber security advisory service.

Five years ago, Ransomware was in it’s infancy. Today we have at least a call a month from a business that is the victim of Ransomware, or more recently a Social Engineering attack.

Three years ago, Cyber-attacks were commonplace mainly in larger companies. Today, the Small-to-Medium-sized business market (with typically less security in place) is seen as a rich-picking ground for a growing army of hackers; a growing army of hackers by the way that are now as organised professional as any legitimate business.


Cyber Essentials (Plus)

Reduce your risk from common internet-based cyber threats with these Government Accreditation Schemes.

SecurEnvoy Multi Factor Authentication

Looking for a reliable solution for two factor authentication? SecurEnvoy is used by millions of users everyday. 

Mimecast Email Filtering

Get Cloud based email security to protect from malware, spam and data leakage, with a 100% anti-virus and 99% anti-spam service levels.

Webroot Endpoint Protection

Updated in real time via the Cloud and so much more than just an anti-virus offering, download your FREE trial today. 

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Most people believe that, like a letter, once it is delivered, an email is immutable. However, a new email exploit turns that assumption on its head. Email is the most common method of communication and information exchange.

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