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Panel Discussion: Microsoft Security advice for your Charity

In this panel discussion hosted by the Association for Charitable Organisations and the Cloud Industry Forum, hear from Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact UK Ambassador, Richard Brashares. Discover what steps your Charity can take to leverage the award-winning features of the latest Microsoft security stack to streamline your security while reducing costs.

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Digital Transformation: De-Risking Your Data Migration

We all operate within the information age, where data has become the most valuable commodity because there’s so much value locked within it. To take advantage of data, organisations are looking to adopt more digital tools, which involve migrating data lakes to the cloud. But the sheer size and scale of those repositories pose unnecessary risk. Join this Panel discussion to learn about the challenges faced directly from a client perspective – and the tips, tools and solutions available from Microsoft and Exonar.


Building a Robust Cloud Security Posture with a Microsoft First Approach

Building and maintaining a robust cloud security posture within a defined budget is a demanding proposition that is increasing in both complexity and consequence, as attacks become more sophisticated, together with a myriad of over-lapping solutions. In this panel discussion we explore the ‘art of what is now possible’ with a Microsoft First approach to security and compliance. .


7 cyber security risks and how to overcome them with IT Governance

This popular webinar was hosted by IT Governance in November 2020, where Adriaan Bekker, Softwerx’s Technical Director, co-presents with Geraint Williams from IT Governance on the ‘7 cyber security risks and how to overcome them’.

Watch the webinar to learn about cyber security risks and how to prepare and protect your organisation.


Data Discovery in Microsoft-centric enterprises with Exonar

All organisations we are speaking to seem to be facing the same challenge – they don’t have visibility of their data, they don’t know where their data is, and they don’t know who has access to it or how to secure it.

This 45 minute webinar was presented on the 8th of December 2020. Watch the webinar on-demand to find out how Exonar and Softwerx can help to secure and leverage your Microsoft 365 data.


Why legacy data will screw up your migration (and what to do about it) with Exonar

Running a cloud migration? Worried your legacy data will screw it up? Watch the on-demand webinar and we’ll show you how to make it a success.


Achieving Security and Compliance for your Charity with a Microsoft First presented in partnership with the Association for Charitable Organisations

The chances are that your charity can benefit from a number of steps to secure and simplify your IT security, with a Microsoft First approach. This webinar is speaks to board-level directors and senior management in charities, delivered in plain English.