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How The Cloud Has Changed Email Archiving Forever

Since the 1990s, email has been a critical form of business communication. However, in just a couple short decades, not only has email volume exploded, it’s also unintentionally become a widespread way to store information.

The Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment

Is your current email security system able to protect your organisation against cyber attacks? Take Mimecast's email security risk assessment to see how safe your organisation is against cyber crime.

Email Archiving: It’s Time For An Update

Changes in business and regulations create an opportunity for a fresh approach to an old practice. It's time to update how things are done within your organisation.

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Ropemaker - New Email Security Threat

Most people believe that, like a letter, once it is delivered, an email is immutable. However, a new email exploit turns that assumption on its head. Email is the most common method of communication and information exchange.

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