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We work across many sectors and we recognise that the issues faced by certain sectors vary. Our expertise has been built in specific industries that are mentioned here.

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Due to the nature of the business, the automotive sector is highly-target by hackers.

Unlike a typical business-to-business (B2B) only sector, most people buying or financing a motor vehicle will be consumers. Typically, commercial transactions have been via bank transfers or similar, which through email-spoofing techniques is highly susceptible to interception and fraud.

More frequently now, governing bodies (e.g. the Information Commissioners Office) will hold the Dealership or Franchise responsible in situations of data or commercial loss.



Bioscience and Healthcare

The bioscience and healthcare industries are some of the fastest growing and most important from both a macroeconomic and existential perspective.

But the challenges associated with operating principally in the digital environment means that you are also directly exposed to security risks that have the capability to significantly impact your business.

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This industry is competitive and generally operates against tight margins.

It’s also highly-regulated and a serious contravention may be difficult to recover from. Construction professionals need to know they have a robust cyber security posture.



Educational institutions have a huge and complex network where admin staff, teachers and an ever-changing pool of students all need easy access to the right information, at the right time, without compromising on security.

Financial Services

Financial service firms are responsible for highly sensitive and extremely valuable data. To ensure you maintain rigorous data protection standards you need a stringent cyber security solution.

From regulatory changes and compliance to digital transformation, your industry is evolving fast. Managing these changes and future proofing your organisation is key.

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The biggest challenge for the insurance sector is data integrity. Data is the core businesses of all related businesses within the insurance sector.

A typical cyber breach such as a ransomeware attack cannot only momentarily paralyse a business, but can cause irrevocable reputational damage.

Many cyber-attacks are now focused away from enterprise-sized organisations, in the knowledge that smaller companies are likely to less aware and less prepared.



The manufacturing sector ranks 3rd most likely to be attacked in the UK. Therefore, they need the tools to protect the company whilst maintaining the speed and ease of access.

In the previous century, a striking workforce may have been the biggest risk to productivity, today a simple ransomware attack has the potential to halt production indefinitely and cost millions.


The security challenges associated with operating in the Nonprofit and Charitable sector are multiple and magnified.

You typically deal with large volumes of sensitive or critical data and you need to be vigilant around new data governance regulations. Achieving this through a strong cyber security posture – and within a tight budget – can be a taxing undertaking.

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You are entrusted with vast amounts of personal data and you need to ensure that your processes and security are of the highest level in order to protect both client and candidate integrity.

Your professional reputation is critical to your success; a single data breach can cause irrevocable damage to your business.