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Why you need an Effective Monitoring Strategy

In short, because a successful cyber attack is quite likely the single biggest risk that your business faces, and because most attempted cyber attacks originate outside of normal office hours, minutes really do matter in detecting and mitigating an attack. This means that, without an effective 24×7 monitoring strategy in place, you simply don’t have an effective security posture.

Some organisations think that they can recover quickly from a cyber attack. This is rarely the case in practice. The best disaster recovery plans and procedures in the world, rarely go to plan, or at least take considerably longer than anticipated. In the meantime, your business is on the floor and your reputation could be suffering existential damage.

Why you should partner with a security expert to provide an effective 24x7 monitoring strategy

An inhouse Security Operations Centre (SOC) has largely been the privilege of much larger organisations, such as national Banks and FTSE500 firms, which can justify the significant investment required to build and maintain an in-house security function. With Microsoft and Softwerx, Midmarket firms can now experience the same level of security and support, albeit at a fraction of the cost.

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    You focus on your core business. We'll focus on ours.

    Cybersecurity is our core business, but it's probably not yours. By partnering with an expert cybersecurity company you can focus on your core business, with the peace of mind that we've got your back covered on a 24x7 basis, 365 days a year.
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    Building a Security Operations Centre (SOC) can take years and cost millions... we've built one so that you don't have to. secure365 is designed to be affordable for the Midmarket as an extension of your security team.

Six reasons why your business needs an effective 24x7 monitoring strategy.

There are probably a dozen or more reasons why it makes sense to have an effective monitoring strategy in place, but here are our top six.

Kidney Research UK gain round-the-clock security via Softwerx expertise

“Devices are managed centrally and are now protected by secure365, 24x7. With that, we have MFA and real-time detection in place. Our Microsoft Secure Score is currently well above the industry average, and it continues to climb.”
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Chris Holden

Information Systems Manager, Kidney Research UK


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